Every child is a parent most precious and irreplaceable treasure that will embrace their children with their love that knows no limit despite their flaws and imperfections.

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However, children that born or grow with some unique kind of ability than the normal children, and these special children need to be embraced by their “flaw” with extra love and care form the parent.

According to the research of autism centre Malaysia, it is estimated that approximately 1 in 68 children have diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or also known as Autism.

The Diagnosis of “ASD” refers to the extensive range of characteristics and children with ASD typically will encounter challenges relating to their own emotions, speech, social skills and engaging in repetitive behaviours.

It is crucial for any parent to keep a keen eye on their children developmental issues or early symptoms including Autism Spectrum Disorder, which is a cluster of disorders that affecting the brain development which leads to a problem in the children cognitive, communication and socializing abilities.

Symptoms and Treatments

Spoken Languages

Children who usually at age of three would already be evolved its learning of languages and speech.

The children also able to express themselves as pointing to the objects or respond when heard their own names.

By contrast, children diagnosed with Autism tend to have language and speech disorder as they tend to be delayed in speaking or babbling and learning of using the gestures.

Thus, speech therapy in Autism centre Malaysia can help children with Autism to treat communication difficulties.

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Every Autism School will have the speech-language pathologists which are the therapists that specialize in treating and help to improve the communication of the children with Autism.

Repetitive Behaviours

The common symptom of Autism is the unusual repetitive behaviours or tendency to engage in a restricted range of activities that often become the core symptom of Autism.

The common repetitive behaviours including hand-flipping, wiggling fingers, head-banging, arranging and rearranging the objects and repetitive sounds or words that often can be observed visibly as one of the symptoms of Autism.

The repetitive behaviours also could take place in the form of intense amusement or obsession towards something as they develop a highly particular interest in particular subjects or activities.

Therefore, Special Needs School has optional treatments especially for the toddlers and children with Autism by providing structured therapeutic activities for at least 25 hours per week.

The treatment will be conducted by the highly trained teachers or therapists that encourage the children to interact with the peers and improve their social skills, language, play and imitation skills.

The Special Need Centre in Kuala Lumpur also offers others service by giving consultation to the parent. This will help the parent to be able to learn and know how to communicate with the children at home.

Interaction with others

Many people with autism have similar trouble viewing things from another person point of view. This is because most of the five years old have developed the learning of understanding other people feeling, the thought as well as the emotions.

However, people with autism do not have the ability to recognize or predict other people body languages or non-verbal communication.

The inabilities on the understanding of how people normally interact socially make them unable to adapt to the situation.

They also might seldom use any facial expressions or body gestures when communicating, and some even may avoid any eye contact during the interaction.

Nevertheless, numerous children with Autism are benefiting from outpatient therapies through the occupational therapy centre.

Any occupational therapists in occupational therapy can provide comprehensive assessments and as well as develop specific goals which in order to help the children able to reach their full potential.

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There are several treatments alternatives available for the children with Autism and also for the families. Find out what works the best for your child and overcome it together.

Hope with the better interventions and great support, the people with Autism could have a better outcome in all spheres of their life.

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