Pulau Mantanani is lovely, but there are some hidden tricks on staying happy and thriving in paradise. Undisputedly, there are lots of things to do in KK, which often come to be a portal vacation for those who are looking for a recovery experience through traveling.

Therefore, you must meticulously and plan adequate time for you to take pleasure in to the max. From staying away from the rip-offs to finding the best island in Kota Kinabalu, we hope these useful suggestions will improve your island resort experience at Sabah.

best island in kota kinabalu

Pick Your Travelling Style: Relax or Party?

When you are planning on going to one of the famous tourist spots with Mantanani island package, pick your place meticulously. You will need to select and also inform your boatman if you intend to get off the various area for “celebration” or to “relax” spot.

Throughout the journey to the Pulau Mantanani Kota Belud, you can expect the trip to be spine-adjusting as well as a harsh ride experience on the watercraft. When coming to Mantanani Resort, you will stop just short of shore and be anticipated to move with luggage right into an even smaller sized boat. The new watercraft will take you off to the beach.

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Local Accommodations

As all various other visitors would certainly wish, there are a lot of locations to remain hidden on Mantanani Island. If you are searching for cheaper accommodation, it is highly recommended for you to make the reservation in prior or stay away from going to Pulau Mantanani during the peak season.

However, there are some of the budget hotels on Mantanani island that do not accept a booking beforehand. For that reason, you need to get here on the island as early as feasible to grab the offered room as people checking out.

Although you could still charter the boat from Kota Kinabalu, expect much fewer options for sleeping, eating as well as available things to do in KK island.

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Covering Expenses

There are no ATMs on the Pulau Mantanani Kota Belud, so it is recommended for you to bring an ample amount of money from the mainland. In a pinch, some dive shops and upscale resorts, offer cash advances with a credit card for a steep commission.

Nevertheless, you must not anticipate counting on the ATM or your credit card while you are on the best island to pay a visit. You also might able to trade significant currencies at a few of the dive shops.

Electronics Usage

Even though you are at the best island in KK, you still ought to anticipate you will have whatever to be covered. The electricity on the island often tends ahead and go on a whim, as power outage are rather frequent right here.

Several of the Mantanani resort only reserved the power at night. Hence, keeping a flashlight would be an excellent idea and don’t leave electronic devices unattended in your room while they are being billed.

In some cases, the generator could create power sags as well as surges, which might give some extreme damages to your wise devices.

Diving & Snorkelling in the Mantanani Island

Throughout the Mantanani island package, you might delight in the appeal of the island and find the marvel of the aquatic life of the island. You are going to be stunned by the eye-catching wide-range of marine life.

Nonetheless, be careful never to touch or kick the reef. Regardless of what the purpose of your journey, you ought to never try to feed or capture marine life while snorkeling!

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