In these few years, cybersecurity has jumped to the top of the list of many organizations’ security concerns instead of physical security in Malaysia. What industries need cybersecurity?

There are some industries most affected by cyber-attacks, such as banking and finance, healthcare industry, online retail, and education.

Have you thought that you need to protect your network system before being attacked by a hacker? You need to know about penetration testing where a pentester company will hack your operating system and network devices to find unforeseen vulnerabilities.

You can find LE Global cyber-security service company that accredited by CREST pentest Malaysia, which means qualified by The Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science, and Technology Centre (CREST).

Usually, penetration tests separated into different categories. Sometimes, a pentest company in Malaysia offers a different kind of test, such as a wireless network test and web application test. Learn more about security test here!

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What Does A Penetration Company Will do?

Web Application Test Or Mobile Application Test

Typically, web applications and browsers need the penetration test to detect their vulnerabilities. A Web app penetration test Malaysia only focuses on evaluating the security of a web application. It is important because the technical flaws and vulnerabilities will bring adverse effects to the end-users.

If you concern about whether your mobile application developed by your own company contains any vulnerabilities such as unauthorized access, then you need a mobile app or application penetration testing. Visit our website for more info!

The source code review, one of the methods to secure their applications, to find the errors overlooked in the initial development phase.

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Wireless Network Tests

Wireless network, a network set up by using radio signal frequency to connect among computers and other network devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and notebooks.

Maybe you will need a wireless network penetration Malaysia since the wireless network is getting famous nowadays due to no cabling involved. A high skilled hacker maybe will take this advantage to attack your network system through WiFi. Therefore, this wireless network test should take place at the customer end as an application test.

Crime Investigation And Digital Forensic

Sometimes, a penetration testing company is providing a board range of services such as crime investigation and digital forensic. Also, they will give some security training courses to increase the awareness of employers as well.

SWIFT’s payment community experienced several cyber-attacks, and they need SWIFT security assessment services from the pentest company also.

Why A Penetration Company Is Important In Malaysia?

Reveal Vulnerabilities To Show Real Risks

The top pen test service providers will help you to explore existing weaknesses in your system or network infrastructure. They will inform you regarding your security vulnerabilities, so you know what kind of improvements you need to do. Only an expert can perform an analysis of whether a vulnerability is theoretically high risk or relatively low.

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Maintain Your Business Branding And Image

You can try to imagine when the formation of your clients steal by cyber attackers and what is the negative effect that brings towards your company? The loyalty of your clients is essential, and you need to maintain it to ensure business continuity.

In a nutshell, you should have a list of penetration test companies, and then you can make a comparison between them, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any doubts about the penetration test.

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